Meet the people who will guide you on your best trip ever!


The guys will take you from the El Nido’s beach and take care for your perfect experience. They will organize games and entertaining activities on board, will prepare tasty food with “filipino power” and amazing fruits, and will take you to the best snorkeling spots.

Mel Gutierrez


Mel is the leader of the ship crew which will guide you through the most incredible places you ever seen. Mel has an impressive experience working with tourists and has friends on all the continents. He was always dreaming to found his own tourism agency and worked so hard to create Layag Grand Tour and also to inspire other team members to join him in this adventure.

Lucian Gruia


Lucian is working entirely remote with Layag crew. He has visited Palawan in 2018 and fell in love with this island. The story begins one night in May, at the end of a tour, when all the passengers went togheter to drink something near the beach. There he discussed with Mel about his dream to create his own agency and decided to be part of this. All the website and social platforms are built by him and his team. Also, he is managing our ambassadors network which can help you to get the best tips and recommendations to prepare your trip.

Cato Amz


Cato not only fell in love with Palawan but also with a filipino girl and after visiting the island several times, he decided soon will move there. All the pictures and videos on our social media platforms are Cato’s work. Also, if you reached this page, most probably you were trapped by one of his campaigns. So one day, remember to thank him for luring you there.